VN-Value Chain Networks


Expertise - the participants will

  • Assess, understand and model the process of value creation in business networks.
  • Understand how to increase access and infrastructure utilization by sharing.
  • Understand how to use data capture and IoT solutions as enablers to a functioning network.


Methodological Skills - the participants will

  • Develop integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems.
  • Design and evaluate business ideas arising from the value chain network approach.
  • Deliberately discuss challenges and opportunities based on facts and focused on company success.


Social competences – Participants are able to

  • realistically plan work-sharing tasks in complex case studies in a team.
  • solve conflicts in individual deviations in a team.

Self Competences - Participants will

  • stimulate their critical thinking through the self-study of relevant literature and active participation in discussions


Kurse in diesem Modul

VN-Value Chain Networks:

A companies’ value is more and more determined through its ecosystem and ability to interact with business partners. The objective of this course is to improve student's understanding about the theory and design processes of value networks and to apply this understanding in design cases on the field.
Therefore the focus of this course is to

  • Analyse possibilities and success factors of collaboration and cooperation in Value Chain Networks
  • Learn the effects of the sharing economy on traditional Value Chains
  • Understand the function and usability of intelligent objects and smart devices: How to IoT and ICT shape real Value Chain Networks
  • Ensure sustainable, safe and secure Value Chain Networks by enhancing resilience capabilities and risk management know-how.


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Uebung mit 2 Lektionen pro Woche

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